Volunteer WaterAid Speaker (from home)

As the Covid-19 pandemic escalates, we need to work fast. In countries with weaker health systems and limited access to clean water, the impact of Covid-19 may be catastrophic. WaterAid will be supporting governments and communities to promote hygiene to prevent the spread of SARS Corona Virus 2. Our volunteer Speakers inform people about our important work, inspiring them to take action. We’re looking for people who can deliver webinars from home using Teams, Skype or Zoom together with PowerPoint. To learn more about WaterAid’s global Covid-19 response go to: https://www.wateraid.org/global-covid-19-response

Our Speaker volunteers engage people about the important work of WaterAid, inspiring them to take action, as they speak with schools, universities, businesses, youth groups, religious places of worship, service organisations, and many more community groups. To find out the kinds of things Speakers talk about, watch this 4 minute video https://youtu.be/wF_HlgnWEwU .

As the Covid-19 pandemic rapidly escalates, we need to work together to protect our global community, and we need to work fast. To date Covid-19 has spread mostly in high-income nations with relatively strong health systems and plentiful supplies of clean water and soap. However, the impact may be catastrophic in countries with weaker health systems and limited access to clean water. As a WASH agency and a global leader in hygiene promotion and behaviour change, WaterAid will be supporting national governments and government-led mechanisms to promote hygiene, focusing on behaviours that are key in controlling and preventing the spread of SARS Corona Virus 2. In our operational country programmes, we will support governments to design hygiene promotion packages and support them to implement mass media, digital and social media campaigning to amplify hygiene promotion messaging, linking with Covid-19. In coordination with national governments, we will intensify this response in a few highly populous countries with recorded cases where controlling the SARS Corona Virus 2 would reduce its global impact and protect small neighbouring countries. Similarly, we will intensify the response where we have existing hygiene programmes.

This role may require contact with children. WaterAid has a strong commitment to safeguarding children, and screening procedures will be conducted.

[Covid-19 NOTICE; During the current Covid-19 pandemic and for the foreseeable future there will be no face-to-face WaterAid talks. Applicants will be asked to complete the Speakers ONLINE training course but they must stay at home and comply with Covid-19 containment requirements until the crisis is over.
However, during the crisis many schools are arranging activities for their students via Microsoft Teams, Skype and other applications to complement students’ home-schooling during Covid-19. Our Speaker Network has made our PowerPoint presentations available for teachers to download. If applicants know how to use Microsoft Teams or Skype with slides and would like to deliver webinars to schools and organisations from home, they should let us know when they apply.

Skills or experience required?:

• A commitment to raise awareness about the importance of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to save lives and prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases, and to engage people in the work of WaterAid, inspiring them to take action in support of our work.
• An interest in the work of WaterAid, including our key messages, appeals, campaigns, fundraising and volunteering.
• Passion and enthusiasm for public speaking and confidence to speak publicly to a diverse range of community groups and schools.
• Good availability to volunteer from home at least 4 times a year, potentially for morning, daytime, evening and weekend talks.
• Competent in using PowerPoint, email and delivering webinars online using Microsoft Teams or other conferencing software

Frequency of opportunity: Ongoing
Can this opportunity be home based?: Yes
What are the areas of interest?: Coronavirus support, Advocacy, Campaigning, Health & wellbeing, Information & advice, IT & technology, Teaching & training
Type(s) of cause supported: Education & learning, Health, hospitals & hospices, Human & civil rights, Local community, Overseas & international aid
Where is the opportunity located?: Across North Yorkshire, Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough, Selby
Includes out of pocket expenses?: No
How many hours per week is this opportunity?: 1+
You can volunteer for this opportunity at the following times: