The role involves looking after one of our pups full time for around a year from when they are 6-8 weeks old at your home, in preparation for them to become a Guide Dog. During the first few months, they will require 24 hour care but as they grow older, they can be left for up to 3 hours a day. The role involves socialising the pup in different environments, caring for their basic needs and implementing training requirements according to the pups behaviour.

A common misconception, is that our pups are bred to display 'perfect' behaviour. However, this is not true and they will still display some of the common puppy characteristics and will require training to attend to these behaviours. This role is such a rewarding position for those who have the time to watch and train a pup to become a life changer for those who live with a visual impairment.

All food and veterinary costs are covered by Guide Dogs for the pup. The requirements for the role are to have a suitable area outside for the pup to go to the bathroom and to be able to meet the physical demands of carrying and walking a puppy.

* This role is subject to passing the interview and home check.

Skills or experience required?:

Able to look after a puppy full time in your home.

You will require?: A car
This opportunity is suitable for: Families
Frequency of opportunity: Ongoing
Can this opportunity be home based?: Yes
What are the areas of interest?: Animals
Type(s) of cause supported: Disablity
Where is the opportunity located?: Harrogate
Includes out of pocket expenses?: Yes
How many hours per week is this opportunity?: Full time
You can volunteer for this opportunity at the following times: