Trustee Information Pack

Our Objectives:

Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group (SWAAG) is an organisation of enthusiasts who contribute to the knowledge-base of the history of the northernmost Yorkshire dales through a broad range of disciplines including the study of archaeology, geology, botany, and recorded history.

Our Objects are: For the public benefit to advance the education of the public in general and more specifically the residents of, and visitors to, the county of North Yorkshire, particularly the area known as the Yorkshire Dales, in the subjects of archaeology, history, heritage, geology and the natural environment in order to promote a better understanding and management of that local heritage.

SWAAG’s Activities are to:

• Provide training and experience of a broad range of archaeological investigative techniques which will then be applied to the study of the local heritage;
• Undertake research including field work and excavations into all aspects of the local heritage and publishing and making otherwise available the results of that research;
• Provide lectures, guided walks, community projects, activities with local schools and organisations, and exhibitions.


SWAAG is a relatively small charity. Our membership numbers range from 60-80 subscription-paying and student members, and we have an email circulation list of 87.

Responsibilities of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees is legally responsible for the charity. This is an important responsibility and one that should be taken seriously.

Trustees have the responsibility for making sure the charity is run well, is financially secure and compliant with relevant legislation (Health and Safety, Data Protection, Child Protection, Volunteering, Diversity Equality and Inclusion).

There are different elements to being a Trustee. These are detailed in the role description. To find out more about being a trustee, take a look at the Charity Commission ‘Hallmarks of an effective trustee’ guidance.

Trustees are volunteers; they are not paid. Reasonable expenses can however be reimbursed (e.g. to cover travel costs).

Role description for Treasurer/Membership Secretary and Secretary appointments

The Treasurer and Secretary are non-voting associate-member trustee appointments that work alongside the member trustees to form a team of between four and nine trustees. They are responsible for the governance and oversight of the management of SWAAG, using their experience, skills and knowledge for the benefit of the charity.

Associate-member trustees’ appointments are renewed annually at the AGM.

Treasurer/Membership Secretary

• Treasurer. The Treasurer maintains the charity’s accounts, prepares the annual budget, provides an updated budget for trustees’ meetings, authorises payments in accordance with financial policy, ensures the account is audited annually and prepares the annual financial report for the Charity Commission.
• Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary is responsible for the administration of new membership applications, the renewal of annual membership (1 July) and maintaining a register of members’ contact details.


• The Secretary is the point of contact with the Charity Commission and is responsible for maintaining up to date trustee registration details and submission of the annual report.

• Secretarial support comprises:
• The administration of trustees’ meetings and the AGM. This involves:
o Preparing the agenda.
o Minuting the meeting.
o Filing the approved copy of the minutes.
o Acting as zoom-host and initiating the meetings.
• Control of SWAAG’s paper and electronic files.
• Scheduling the trustees’ annual review of policy documents.
• Holding the SWAAG insurance policy and arranging its annual renewal. Payment is the responsibility of the Treasurer.

All pertinent documents are held as paper copies and electronically.

Trustees should:

• Be prepared to challenge proposals that exceed or appear to go against adopted polices, plans, programmes or procedures.
• Act with openness and independent judgement.
• Be committed to working in the best interests of SWAAG as a community group.
• Be an ambassador for SWAAG, championing and promoting understanding of the objects and interests of the charity.
• Remain alert to external matters which might assist or affect the work of SWAAG.
• Ensure that the organisation meets regulatory requirements.

Knowledge, experience and skills:

We want to make sure the Board of Trustees has members with a variety of knowledge and skills. We don’t expect everyone to have the expertise of all the areas. The member trustees will be supported by the financial and administrative skills of the associate-trustees and will call upon the professional skill of members. The member trustees will be responsible for the governance and oversight of the charity and of member working groups delivering SWAAG’s activities.

How much time will I have to commit?

Associate trustees are required to attend up to six trustee meetings a year plus the AGM. Trustee meetings may be held on zoom or face to face.

Can I join SWAAG?

Associate trustees can apply to join SWAAG as a subscribing member. If they do, their status will change and they will apply to be elected as a trustee on the same terms as member trustees.

How to apply:

Email an expression of interest which briefly covers the following points:
• Why would you like to be a trustee at SWAAG?
• What skills and experience can you bring to the role?

Applicants will need to supply contact details for two references.

Expressions of interest should be emailed to our chairman, Rod Flint, at

You can also email requesting a chat about the role with our Chair of Trustees.

We will arrange an informal conversation with you on receipt your application.

Skills or experience required?:

The Secretary must be able to: maintain paper and digital records, minute meetings and prepare meeting agendas, take part in meetings face to face and on Zoom, drive to trustee meetings if required. Trustee meetings will be within Richmondshire.

You will require?: Drivers licence, A car
Frequency of opportunity: Ongoing
Can this opportunity be home based?: Yes
What are the areas of interest?: Trustee & committee
Type(s) of cause supported: Arts, culture & heritage, Education & learning, Local community, Sport & outdoor activities, Other
Where is the opportunity located?: Richmondshire
Includes out of pocket expenses?: Yes
How many hours per week is this opportunity?: Approx 4 hours per month
You can volunteer for this opportunity at the following times: