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See an organisation's volunteer opportunities

The Conservation Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

TCV (formerly BTCV) is a national conservation charity that was formed in 1959; we undertake a variety of environmental improvement and conservation projects. TCV runs projects across the North and East Yorkshire regions. We coordinate practical volunteer groups on a weekly basis, working on a wide range of sites, including Local Nature Reserves, woodlands, ponds/wetlands and other rural/urban green spaces.

TCV enables volunteers from all backgrounds, including disadvantaged and marginalised groups, to become involved in the improvement and conservation of the environment around them. We provide support and skills/training to assist people in gaining employment and qualifications/work experience within the environmental sector.

In this region we have over 400 active volunteers participating in practical conservation projects.

Last year TCV coordinated over 300 projects involving hundreds of local volunteers. Engaging with school and community groups and other charitable organisations to improve and conserve their local green spaces. Last year TCV coordinated the planting of over 24,000 trees in a variety of locations including brown field sites, parks, playing fields and local nature reserves.

In addition we work closely with environmental organisations such as Natural England and the Environment Agency to help protect and conserve rare and valuable habitats for public enjoyment and wildlife benefit.

Conservation Volunteer

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We run practical conservation tasks in and around York (up to about 25 miles from York) every Tuesday, Wednesday and...