See an organisation's volunteer opportunities

See an organisation's volunteer opportunities

North Yorkshire Hospice Care

Volunteer Opportunities

We are not simply one organisation, but thousands of supporters, professionals, volunteers, groups and individuals who, together, make up a remarkable community of action.

This community – known locally as Saint Michael’s – exists to ensure local people affected by terminal illness across the Harrogate district can access high quality, personalised care. Saint Michael’s values choice, autonomy and seeks to empower those in need of our services. This means offering support where and when it matters most.

We do this by offering a range of services from our Hornbeam Park-based hospice, and out in the community in people’s own homes. We are also passionate about working in partnership to enable others to offer hospice-standard care.

We are responsive to the needs of people with a variety of terminal illnesses, including heart failure, respiratory illnesses and neurological conditions, as well as cancer.

We believe everyone should get care that is personalised and responsive to their individual needs, regardless of their age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or social circumstances.

We know that without the hospice, local people and their families could be left to face the complex issues and forgotten challenges of terminal illness alone. We exist to ensure a better future is possible.

Children and Young People Bereavement Support Volunteer

with North Yorkshire Hospice Care

Just ’B’ gives children, young people and adults a safe and confidential space to understand, express and cope with...