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See an organisation's volunteer opportunities

The Wave Project

Volunteer Opportunities

The Wave Project is an organisation which accepts referrals from professionals for young people who are, or are at risk of, suffering with poor mental health. This can be due to bereavement, isolation, bullying, domestic violence or deprivation to name a few reasons. Whatever the cause, the outcome is often the same; low mood, poor resilience and negative risk taking behaviour such as drug taking, behaviour issues or self harm. Using a team of volunteers, once a young person is referred to us we take them on course of 6 weekly surf therapy. Supported one to one with their volunteer surf mentor, the young person learns resilience, whilst improving their fitness and making friends. We have been running surf therapy for 10 years, and have collected data from thousands of participants. The results clearly show that surf therapy improves wellbeing, elevates mood and builds resilience. our data has been independently evaluated and peer reviewed, and in 2018 we won the National Lottery Sport for Social Change Award, and in 2019 we were mentioned in the parliamentary review as a good practice organisation for our work with young people.

Once a young person has completed their 6 week surf therapy, they then have the option to join our surf club. Again, these young people are supported by volunteer mentors. This helps the young person continue to reap the benefits of surf therapy, as well as maintaining the friendships they have built. Once the young person turns 14 they have the opportunity to volunteer with us, using the skills they have learnt to support other young people who have potentially had very similar life experiences.

Surf mentors

with The Wave Project

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help support young people during their 6 week surf therapy course. Our...